July 12, 2009 | The Beehive | Boston

A Summer wedding at a unique city venue features modern
decor, lush floral arrangements, and lots of  live music.


Before their wedding, Nisa and Will, along with Nisa’s son (and ring bearer), Aiden, gathered on the porch of their home in Brookline. Nisa wore a silk chiffon Vera Wang gown and veil from the designer’s Boston boutique. “The dress felt magical from the moment I put it on,” she says. Will wore an H&M suit with a white rose boutonniere. Invitations were created by Enfin la Voila. The wedding was held at the Beehive  and music venue and restaurant. “it didn’t need much added decor”, says Nisa of the space. “It already had so much personality.” The music-filled ceremony  took place on the Beehive’s stage. The bride’s son and father walked her down the aisle to Cat Power’s “Sea of  Love”; several friends also surprised the couple by performing Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” and the couple exited the ceremony to Van Morrison’s “Everyone.”

“I wanted the reception to have an ‘urban Marie Antoinette’ vibe,” says Nisa. “So we used dark reds and pinks to complement the venue’s exposed brick.”Reception tables were adorned with ether a single orchid or silver bowls filled with arrangements of orchids and roses. Floral design was by Ferns by Sheila Cobb . The couple and their 95 guests dined on chicken piccata and grilled halibut catered by the Beehive. Nisa and Will danced thier first dance  to ” That’s How Strong My Love Is, ” performed by the Prenups. Among the evening’s high-lights where several songs that will, who’s a musician, performed with the band, and toasts given by the couple’s family and friends. Guests spent the evening dancing to the band’s covers of hits from the 1950s through the 70s, while the children in attendance enjoyed a play area setup on the mezzanine. “I loved that my son was having fun with his cousins but was still a part of the celebration,” says the bride. “I could look up and he’d be right there. “For dessert the couple served a French croquembouche  by Truly Jorg’s Patisserie. “I’ve never been a real cake girl,” Nisa says, ” but I love cream puffs – and a croquem-bouche is so gorgeous.”